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“Wearing his yellow tights and green tunic with pride, a gangling James Moye portrays Buddy as an endearing, mildly anxious man-child with an ingenuous personality and a wide smile.”

The New York Times

“The cast is led by James Moye as Buddy who masters his role with the perfect measure of sincerity and humor.”

“Stepping into Will Ferrell’s role, Moye is every bit the big goof, with perhaps a little hint of the late Robin Williams’ manic energy.”

Bergen Record

“Moye manages to find that sweet spot of innocent charm that wins over the crowd…”

“Moye is genuinely moving as Buddy”

Newark Star-Ledger

“James Moye is a totally delightful Buddy. Moye delightfully navigates the pitfalls inherent in an adult portraying a child’s persona (while in elf’s clothing, to boot). Moye smoothly and incrementally conveys Buddy’s growth into an adult human. Moye is also a pretty fine song and dance man.”